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Hydraulic Handbrake UNIVERSAL

Brand: Godspeed | Category: Shift Knobs / Hand Brakes
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EB-001-BLACK Godspeed Hydraulic E-Brake Type-2 (Vertical /Horizontal) - Black
EB-001-BLUE Godspeed Hydraulic E-Brake Type-2 (Vertical /Horizontal) - Blue
EB-001-RED Godspeed Hydraulic E-Brake Type-2 (Vertical /Horizontal) - Red

Product Description

Godspeed Project’s Hydraulic Handbrake Kit (horizontal + vertical)

Godspeed Project’s hydraulic handbrake kit is a high quality aftermarket handbrake that is essential for any drift or rally vehicle. This is a universal product that can be installed onto any vehicle and is specifically designed for race usage. This handbrake allows the rear wheel to fully locked and allow you to slide the car. The handbrake lever can either be installed in a VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL position for easy access while driving. By using a hydraulic handbrake, you reduce the stress on OEM parking / emergency brake. A hydraulic hand brake can be added into the rear brake line system without changing the original mechanical handbrake setup. It is easier to lock up the rear wheels with a hydraulic handbrake. Drivers regularly need to turn hard left or right and there’s not enough wheel lock to achieve doing so otherwise. .

This handbrake can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions as shown in the pictures

Product Features:

- steel bracket – less flex and better actuation to the master cylinder
- made with high quality CNC Aluminum
- all purpose designed 3/4” master cylinder to lock large 2 pot rear brakes as found on Skylines.
-adjustable pre-load and pin locations allow for a custom height and feel to suit your preference
- can easily be change to vertical or horizontal alignment by removing one bolt and clip
- ratchet mechanism can be used as a normal hand brake. This can be disabled by flipping it in the off position
- universal installation for any vehicle
- perfect for drift, rally, and race events
- ability to fully lock the rear tires

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