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How Long Of A Conversion Stud Should I Get? Do I Need Open End Lug Nuts?

Studs. How Long Of A Conversion Stud Should I Get? Do I Need Open End Lug Nuts?

As car enthusiasts, very often we want to get spacers for our wheels to achieve better fitment. BMW owners would also convert euro lug bolts to studs for the ease of installation. But how long of a stud do you need?  Hope this little blog helps you out. 

Here's a 75mm 14x1.25 to 12x1.5 converter stud we sell on

Here's a 14x1.25 to 14x1.5 stud with a regular open end nut threaded all the way:

14x1.25 to 14x1.5 75mm BMW converter stud

Here is the said stud placed into the bolt hole:

a 75mm stud about to be put into the hole of a 57cr wheel

When pushed all the way in, only the threads are showing, so the thickness of the wheel is around 1cm. The stick out is really going to be 55mm. 

Here's a random closed end lug nut laying around the warehouse, the inside only has about 4cm of threads.

Here's a Muteki open end lug nut with a length of 48mm:

To conclude:

If you don't have spacer and you want to use closed ends lug nuts, get a stud that has a total length of ~60mm

If you have spacer or open end lug nuts, you can use whatever lol, but you need to consider how much of a stick out you like.


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