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Godspeed MonoRS Coilovers - G35 Sedan 07-08 G37 08-13

Godspeed MonoRS Coilovers - G35 Sedan 07-08 G37 08-13


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New in Box: Godspeed MONO-RS Coilover, P/N: GSP-MRS1670

Model - RWD Year
G35 Sedan 07-08
G37 Coupe/Sedan 08-13
370z 09-15

Note: WILL NOT FIT  ( 2007-2008 ) models RWD (With 4 Wheel Steering) 4WAS System 

Introducing the Godspeed Project Mono-RS coil over line. The Mono-RS series released in 2013, is considered to be the coilover for those who are looking for a high performance suspension system, set to perform exceptionally well in track use and also provide the comfort that a coil over should provide when driving on the street and highway. Having 32 levels of dampening adjustability, it allows you to fine tune the suspension to your liking whether you are on a track or on the way to work. All Mono-RS coilovers come with a Mono-Tube shock that houses gas and oil in separate chambers allowing consistence shock performance regardless of the abuse the shock is given. The top hats of the Mono-RS series come with a KOYO Japan built 6204Z bearing providing the longevity and performance of a higher end coilover system at a more affordable low price.

- Spring Rates, 12 kg Front/ 10 kg Rear
- 32 Levels of Dampening
- Mono-Tube Shock Design
- Power Coated Damper Body
- Ride height and spring preload are completely separate (Ride height can be changed without touching spring preload)
- Pillow Ball Mount with a spherical bearing
- Koyo Japan 6204z bearing
- Poly Urethane bushings (When Applicable)
- 53mm Monotube Shock
- One Year Warranty from date of purchase

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